Heal Shingles Treatment, Treat Shingles PHN and Herpes Zoster Virus Prevention 33ml

Heal Shingles treatment effectively and naturally treats shingles outbreaks and rashes originating from the herpes zoster virus.


When someone speaks of shingles, they may or may not know they are actually referring to the herpes zoster virus. This is a viral infection that forms at the nerve roots, forming painful red rashes with tiny blisters, usually filled with a clear fluid. The skin often feels tingly before the rash appears on the infected areas, though burning sensations have also been reported.

The virus will usually manifest near the beltline of a person, but this is not always the case – infections of herpes zoster have been reported in various areas of the body, including the face. The rash can literally form anywhere on the body, but most infections will manifest only on one side and not spread from there.

The rash is usually painful, itchy, and can often be accompanied by blisters. People who have herpes zoster also usually do not feel well while infected. Other common symptoms to the condition include fever, chills, headaches, an upset stomach, and an increased sensitivity to light. Note that these are among the most common symptoms, but this is far from a comprehensive listing of all the signs of a shingles infection.

The varicella-zoster virus, from which herpes zoster gets its name, is the cause of shingles. This is also the same virus that causes chicken pox, and once a person has had chicken pox, the infection may lie dormant in one’s nerve cells. These dormant viral cells can reactivate as shingles when the conditions are appropriate. Also, anyone that has been exposed to the virus can be infected. Note that shingles and chicken pox, while caused by the same viral agent, are not the same illness and require different treatments.

For a person to get shingles, they must have been exposed to the virus or have had chicken pox in the past. Age is considered a major factor in infections, with over half of reported cases manifesting in people who are over the age of 60. This is believed to be due to the weakened immune systems of these people – those with immune system problems are known to be more likely to be infected. Shingles is a common problem for those who have HIV or AIDS, or in cancer patients. Those with treatment regimens that include radiation and chemotherapy, along with certain steroids, are also prone to the problem. There are also some patients who develop it for no apparent reason.

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According to researches, Tai Chi, a Chinese exercise that uses both mind and body, can aid in preventing the shingles virus by increasing the body’s immunity against the VZV or varicella-zoster virus. Aside from preventing it, Tai Chi can also boost the body’s response to the vaccine for old adults. VZV is the virus that is responsible for diseases like shingles and chickenpox.


Understanding Shingles


Shingles is a kind of viral infection that causes debilitating rashes that are quite painful. It appears as blisters that can be seen at the middle of the person’s back turning to one side of his chest and overwhelming the breastbone. Parts of your body like the scalp, neck and face are also affected. Shingles can be excruciatingly painful.


One way to identify the disease is to pinpoint where it all started because shingles usually originates at one side of the body. Shingles is a sort of long term “side-effect” of chickenpox. It is because after having chickenpox, the virus within the body becomes inactive. After years, it gets to be reactivated as shingles.


Shingles is not a life-threatening situation but can be severely painful and can lead to a complication in which the skin remains painful and is very sensitive to even to the softest touch. It remains at that state until all blisters are gone. This kind of condition lasts for months or worse, years.


Shingles is the common for adults over 50 that is why it is important the old people be protected from the virus or have in them the prescribed tool to fight the virus out of their lives. For those who have not been affected with the virus, but is susceptible to, better be more cautious and maintain the immune system on a healthy level.


What the public needs to know


Although vaccination can be an effective method to prevent acquiring shingles, it can only last long. But if the vaccination for shingles is combined with Tai Chi, the results are promising. Good news is, out of 5 persons who have undergone chickenpox, only one person will get shingles sometime in their 50s. Shingles will be very dangerous for older people.


Researchers and doctors said that, although more studies should be further enhanced, it is proven that Tai Chi combined with immunization was made effective as an intervention to prevent the increase of the painful condition. The positive effects of Tai Chi helped researchers determine that the height of response by the human body is incredible.


Study has it that Tai Chi alone can increase the patient’s immunity to the virus same with the outcome of ordinary vaccine. The moment Tai Chi is combined with the vaccine itself, it produced a significant result with a high level of immunity amounting to over 40%. Studies also show that compared to those that only acquired the vaccine, Tai Chi’s effects are doubled in the increase.


Aside from the increased level of immunity, Tai Chi also manifested remarkable outcome that include decrease in body pain, improved physical functioning, mental health and vitality. Groups who engaged in Tai Chi showed a decline in the symptoms of the disease’s severity.


Therefore, for those who are experiencing or knows someone who is at their golden years, it is better to advise them to engage in Tai Chi.


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