Shingles Pain

Shingles pain can last for years and not respond to any of the prescription drugs of choice. However, recent research shows how vitamin C can come to the rescue. Here are the details.

Shingles Pain – PHN

Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is worse than a bad joke. Once a shingles outbreak is over, PHN can last for months or years. Shingles pain relief may be hard to find. Recent research on the potential benefits of vitamin C against PHN is great news.

Here is one of the pertinent research reports, in the form a letter to the editor in the medical journal cited below.

Shingles Pain vs Vitamin C

Now all you have to do is convince your doctor to administer vitamin C as described here. Or, find a doctor who will…more likely a naturopathic MD rather than a mainstream MD. Good luck!

Shingles pain update,

Dr. D

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